Top 'Must Dos' in Lavenham

With its Tudor houses, crooked, half-timbered cottages and 15th Century Wool church, it’s easy to understand why the streets of Lavenham have been used as background for TV and films including Lovejoy and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Known as England’s best preserved medieval village and one of Suffolk’s important wool towns, you can spend hours exploring Lavenham, one of the most picturesque villages in England. 

We’ve picked our 'must dos' in Lavenham:

Lavenham Guildhall

Visit the impressive white timber framed Guildhall to discover over five centuries of history; seen through the eyes of the people who lived and worked there.

De Vere House

De Vere House in Water Street, Lavenham, was once visited by Henry VII but is more famous for being the place of Harry Potter’s birth. 

Filmmakers used De Vere House for parts of Godric’s Hollow, the birthplace of both Harry Potter and his wizarding headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and where Harry’s parents made their final stand before being slain by Lord Voldemort. 

The house was immortalised as the backdrop where Harry received his characteristic scar. 

Airmen’s Bar

Having a drink at the Airmen’s Bar at The Swan Lavenham is like taking a trip back to the 1940s. Lavenham airbase was famous for being the home of the 487th Bombardment Group of the 8th US Army Air Force, ‘The Mighty Eighth’. The 487th flew 185 missions and more than 6,000 sorties whilst stationed at Lavenham during the Second World War.

A fascinating collection of signatures and mementos adorn the walls, turning the bar into a living piece of history.

Guided Walk

Take a guided walk of this beautiful village which has 250 listed buildings and whole streets of Tudor timber framed houses. Guided walks leave from Lavenham Tourist Information Centre at weekends.

The Church of St Peter and St Paul 

A outstanding example of late medieval architecture and the riches of the 15th century cloth trade are reflected in this cathedral-like building. The parish church of St Peter and St Paul at Lavenham is one of the last great Suffolk wool churches to be built before the Reformation. Look out for the fantastic intricate wood carvings. 

Little Hall

See an eclectic mix of antiques, books, china and art in the historic Little Hall.

A museum that mirrors the history of Lavenham over the centuries, it was first built in the 1390s as a family house and workplace, in the 1920s it was restored by The Gayer-Anderson twin brothers, soldiers with an interest in art and collecting. It is a fascinating glimpse into their home.


You can while away a morning or afternoon in Lavenham’s many shops and boutiques, especially along Merchants’ Row. 

Eating and Drinking

With a selection of fine dining restaurants including The Swan, The Great House, and The Greyhound to traditional pubs and cafes to tea rooms there are plenty of foodie options in Lavenham. 


Lavenham is host to a fantastic number of wonderful art galleries. Visitors can find unique examples of local and international paintings, drawings, glass and sculpture.

Weaver’s House Spa

A haven of tranquillity, the Weaver’s House Spa is a luxurious getaway. Try the Weaver’s House Hug, their signature treatment.