Ickworth's 29th Annual Wood & Craft Fair

This weekend, 6th & 7th October, Ickworth House will be hosting its biggest event in the properties calendar, the Wood & Craft fair which will be celebrating its 29th year.

A weekend of showcasing the very best in wood craft and country craft from local people and businesses. 

The Wood Sale was originally conceived after the hurricane of 1987 which caused major devastation to Ickworth’s ancient and beautiful trees. After this depressing natural disaster a positive way forward was adopted, part of this development was to mill these once stately but fallen trees and sell the quality wood to help benefit the management of the Park. It was not until 1989 that all the wood was prepared and ready for sale from a tent in the park.

This year, the event has so much to offer - watch as a traditional steam engine miller cuts timber, indulge in all of the handmade crafts and trinkets for sale and be inspired by traditional skills being displayed, including a pottery tent with Raku firing.

There is also a rare opportunity to buy wood from the Ickworth estate, felled and milled by the ranger team. A process that started last December as our Ranger team fell and re plant trees across the estate. 

The weekend expects to see over 6000 visitors across the two days. 

For more information visit or call 01284 735270

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