Visitors Donate to LEGO Replica Cathedral

St Edmundsbury Cathedral's bid to build the cathedral in LEGO has reached another milestone with a fantastic 50,000 bricks donated.

The Cathedral has invited visitors to donate to place a brick to recreate St Edmundsbury Cathedral entirely from LEGO bricks. 

The project aims to raise money towards working with younger people and development and maintenance of visitor facilities in the historic building.  

Since the launch in May 2016, thousands of visitors from near and far have donated to place bricks. It is anticipated that there will be 200,000 bricks that will make up the finished model. 

St Edmundsbury is one of four Cathedrals who have a LEGO project, with Durham Cathedral being the first and completing their build in 2016. Chester Cathedral and Exeter Cathedral both have builds currently in progress. 

Visitors can see how the LEGO Cathedral is taking shape each day from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Saturday and 12.30 to 2.30 pm on Sunday, thanks to the dedicated team of 45 volunteers. Occasionally, they may need to close the build area during these times, so it is recommended you contact the Cathedral if travelling a distance to visit. 

For more information visit the Cathedral's website.

You can also follow the progress on Facebook and Twitter

Why not make your visit last longer by purchasing your very own LEGO Cathedral or LEGO Wolf Kit? 

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