Abbey of St Edmund model gets a spring clean

As well as brushing up on history for the new tours season, the Bury St Edmunds Tour Guides have ensured the intricate model of the Abbey of St Edmund is looking its polished best!

The volunteer guides gave tours to over 3,000 visitors in the last year from 32 different countries and with the new tour season underway they needed to ensure the model of the Abbey of St Edmund, an important tool for helping visitors understand the sheer scale of the abbey at its heyday, looked polished and ready for the new tourist season.

Bury St Edmunds is one of East Anglia’s most popular tourist destinations, with hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world wanting to explore its mediӕval streets, its beautiful Abbey Gardens and, of course, the abbey ruins.  

It also attracts local residents who want to know more about the town, its history, the fascinating stories behind some its buildings and the people who lived in them.

Bury St Edmunds’ Blue Badge and Green Badge guides run tours at 2pm every day from April to October, with 11am tours as well in July, August and September. Added to those are tours on special topics. 

All the tours can be booked online at, on 07563 961956, or at the Tourist Information Point on Angel Hill (in the Cathedral shop).