Discover new winter stories at Ickworth

Discover two new designs of Ickworth’s outdoor exhibition, which offers a new way of exploring Ickworth’s stories as a winter trail celebrating some of the most important women in its history.

As a year of events and exhibitions that celebrate the influence and legacies of women at National Trust places around the country comes to a close, Suffolk artist John Williams has created a series of elusive, illusion-based interpretations of eight of the important women from throughout Ickworth’s history, and these artworks have been hung and will be displayed around the estate’s Albana Walk until the end of February. 

The two new designs feature members of the Hervey family who lived at Ickworth; a design of Jane Drury whose family owned Ickworth in the 15th century and the other is introducing the 1st Marquess of Bristol, Frederick William Hervey.  

Frederick made the single most important contribution to the historical development of Ickworth’s landscape, with the creation of Ickworth House, development of the North and South Pleasure Grounds, Albana Walk and the renewal of the Walled Garden in the 19th century. The 1st Marquess inherited his love of science and Italy from his father, but unlike him was a family man. 

He regarded Ickworth with its landscape as first and foremost a family home. Additionally, he is largely responsible for the historic character of Ickworth’s landscape as we all experienced today.

John, who also volunteers at Ickworth, said: “Each artwork features examples of the legacy each woman left to us, from Geraldine Anson’s wide collection of silver fishes and fans, to Theodora, 4th Marchioness of Bristol’s influence in the decision to gift Ickworth to the National Trust, ensuring its conservation and protection.”

Visit Ickworth this winter to discover this new exhibition and uncover those untold stories. From March, Ickworth will be celebrating the contribution of the 1st Marquess; what he achieved and how it fits into today’s world. Look out for more information on the website from March about Ickworth’s future exhibitions. 

For more information please visit the Ickworth website