Expansion Work Begins at Abbeygate Cinema

Work has begun on an additional screen for Abbeygate Cinema - an original 1920's cinema in Bury St Edmunds showing everything from timeless classics to box office latest releases.

Building work at the Abbeygate Cinema has begun this month.  The long-awaited development of the Hatter Street cinema and restaurant is well underway which merges the existing cinema and restaurant space, with the derelict “Winners Bingo” areas.

Chris Peters, Project Manager for Abbeygate Cinema said “We are really excited that our long-standing plans will finally be coming to fruition, and we can get on with improving our facilities for our fantastically loyal customers”. Mr Peters was keen to point out however, that the wait for the new screen, will still be a long one.

“Everyone is asking when the new screen will be open!” he said. “There’s a huge amount of work that has to happen before we can start building the new screen – that’s for later Phases.  Right now, in Phase One we are laying new drains, installing underfloor plumbing for the new Ground Floor Toilets, re-routing Fire Exits from the current screens and extending the Kitchen workspaces”.

“What we’re really excited about however, is that we will finish this first Phase by opening the new foyer area, with a new Box Office/Kiosk serving counter - which will all join through into the existing cinema and restaurant - making a much larger, more welcoming and relaxed foyer space for our patrons”.

The Abbeygate Cinema and No4 Restaurant & Bar will be open for business during the building work, but occasionally may need to open later, limit audience capacities, and sometimes cancel daytime screenings to allow any potentially noisy work to be completed. “We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause” Mr Peters said, “and we thank our neighbours for their patience and co-operation”.

Andrea Holmes, Marketing Manager for Abbeygate Cinema added “We can’t wait for our new spaces to be open.  We’re shortly going to be launching our fundraising campaign where the public can donate to the cause – and have their name included in the actual fabric of the building.  We’re thinking names carved into wooden blocks at the moment!  We’re planning a big launch in the coming weeks so keep your eyes on the press and on our website for details coming soon”.