Multi-Use Trail is coming to Ickworth!

From cyclists to wheelchair users and from walkers to buggy-pushers, a new way of experiencing the Ickworth Estate is coming, as the National Trust is given the go ahead to open a new all-weather, multi-use trail.

The 9.4km (6mile) trail will give visitors the opportunity to get active in the beautiful Ickworth parkland and is part of a multi-million pound scheme to give greater access to historic parkland and estates cared for by the National Trust. The scheme is a partnership with Sport England and Ickworth is one of ten National Trust places chosen to build the new trails, to encourage visitors to enjoy different activities.

Construction will begin in March, with the circular, off-road route taking visitors to areas of the parkland they may not have previously seen, opening up beautiful new landscape views and giving visitors with a wide range of interests and abilities the opportunity to use it.

Officially opening in the autumn, visitors will be able to head out on the new trail with a shorter route available, through the beautiful historic parkland. The all-weather surface also means more people can explore the estate whatever the season.

Tim Watson, General Manager at Ickworth said: “At the National Trust we’re passionate about getting people outdoors and closer to nature. The new cycle trail will be designed with surfaces that can be used all year round. It will allow access for all – walkers, adapted wheelchair users, runners, cyclists and pushchairs.

“Our aim is to make access to the outdoors as easy as possible and for people to feel comfortable about heading off into the countryside. As more families visit Ickworth, it’s important we can provide a safe place for them to enjoy the wider estate too.

This new venture means we can share so much more of the estate with our visitors and we’re looking forward to seeing people heading out on the new trail. It is thanks to the support of Sport England, our members, donors and visitors, that we can find new ways to open up the parkland at Ickworth.”

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