Textiles Tree to Adorn the Cathedral

Textile Artist, Jacqui Parkinson, brings her latest large-scale exhibition to St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds, from Tuesday 25 February.

‘Tree of Life’ is a trio of dramatic panels depicting three trees from the Bible. This will be accompanied by Open Heaven – a ladder which will stretch towards the roof of the cathedral with a depiction of Christ hanging on the ladder.  These installations, in the main body of the cathedral, will be visible to all visitors and can be seen daily until 4 April.

‘This exhibition follows the highly successful Threads for Revelation seen in the Cathedral in 2018,’ comments Sarah Friswell, Cathedral PR Manager. ‘Jacqui’s work is dramatic and thought-provoking as well as being outstandingly beautiful’.

Tree of Life consists of 3 huge stitched panels. One depicts the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil linked to the story of Adam and Eve.  The second tree is also inspired by the Garden of Eden. It is the Tree of Life, promising a new heaven and a new earth. The third tree is a reimagining of the cross of the crucifixion.

Open Heaven is based on a huge rope ladder that reaches from the floor to the heights of the cathedral representing the connection between earth and heaven and between us and God. Low down on the rope ladder visitors stand face to face with a life size figure, a cast of a real young man in his thirties. Here is Jesus, hanging on the ladder, reaching out to everyone.

Tree of Life/Open Heaven is part of a touring exhibition which will be on display at several cathedrals this year.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral is open daily. There is no charge for admission, but donations are welcome.

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