Town Guides Are Good to Go!

Tours of Bury St Edmunds will start again on Saturday July 4 after the Bury St Edmunds Tour Guides were one of the first guiding services to receive the VisitEngland 'We're Good to Go' consumer mark.

Bury St Edmunds Tour Guides are among the first guiding services to have been awarded the 'We’re Good to Go' tourism industry standard which assures visitors that they are following Government advice to safeguard against Covid-19.

The Tour Guides, who have been busy renovating their new base at the former Rangers’ Hut in the Abbey Gardens which they took over in March, are proud to add the consumer mark to their new branded home. 

To get the hut ready for reopening, the guides became volunteer painters, decorators and cleaners.

Chairman Adrian Tindall said: “Safety has always been at the forefront of our tours. We will still be delivering daily tours at 2pm and this is an excellent way of getting your daily exercise while learning about our wonderful town.

"Although we will not be using our new Hut as a public venue, it helps us to have such a prominent site and is a great advantage in advertising what we do." 

To manage social distance requirements the tour guides will now only accept online bookings, have smaller group sizes and have modified their routes.

A few other changes will occur including the guides wearing branded gilets to indicate that they have all been accredited to the national standard.  

Tours cost £7 and can be booked at the Tour Guides website at

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