Enjoy Free Online Talks on the Abbey of St Edmund

A series of FREE, online talks, to mark 1000 years since the founding of the Abbey of St Edmund in Bury St Edmunds are now available to watch from your sofa!

The Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership and the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology & History have teamed up to create a series of online talks on the Abbey.

This series of talks is aimed at improving our understanding of what was there and what has, over time, been lost, so that people can fully appreciate the importance of the Abbey of St Edmund.

The speakers draw upon the vast body of research carried out since the Abbey was closed down (dissolved) in 1539.  This research covers many different aspects, each of which can which help us to understand the true splendour of the Abbey and how it worked within the medieval world, now lost.

The talks below are free to watch and are supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and various local business sponsors.

Professor Mark Bailey, The Abbey of Bury St Edmunds and the History of Suffolk

Professor Sarah Foot, Patrons and Benefactors of St Edmund’s Abbey, c.900-1086

The Relationship between the Abbey and the Town - Dr Abby Antrobus

The Abbey, the Antiquaries and the Archaeologists: Discovering the Abbey of St Edmund - Dr Richard Hoggett

1000 years since the founding of the Abbey of St Edmund will be marked with a year of celebrations in 2022. Find out more with our 'Abbey of St Edmund 1000 Guide!

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