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Still Good Food is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO Charity Number: 1193073) working to help reduce the huge amounts of food that are thrown away every day.

Our aim is to re-distribute surplus stock and stock that has gone past its 'Best Before Date' but still good to eat (as per guidance from Defra and the Food Standards Agency).

We collect food directly from supermarkets, local independent retailers, local producers and distributors and redistribute the produce on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis through our shop in Bury St Edmunds (minimum donation £1).

By doing this, not only do we reduce the amount of food that is wasted, but we also provide good, nutritional, low cost food to our community. We also seek to help educate people about the difference between the ‘Best Before Date’ and the 'Use By Date' helping them be better informed and to make better decisions about what food is still good to eat.

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