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About Royal Bank of Scotland

Having 40 million customers in over 50 countries shows they are committed to developing customer relationships that last. How do they do that? By understanding that everyone's different and they need different products at different times in their life.

Earning your trust
They see every day as a new chance to earn your trust. It demands hard work, integrity and transparency, but that's what they do. And they do it with the right people, the right attitude and commitment. Employing people in more than 50 countries and speaking over 30 languages helps them to achieve this.

Delivering on their promises
They still have a reputation for delivering what they say they'll deliver. This isn't always easy but they believe they have the skill, experience and stamina to do so. For example, every day they process 11 million transactions with a failure rate of 1 in every 6.2 million.

Moving forward together
With over 300 years of banking tradition behind them, they are moving forward by building on the fundamentals of banking - because that's what they do best. And they want to move forward with their customers.

So what does all this amount to? Quite simply, it means that every single one of their 40 million customers - you - can make better, more informed, financial decisions.

They want you to have peace of mind: in them; in the wider financial system; and in your own ability to create your secure financial future.

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