Kentwell's History Festival (August)

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27th August 11:00am - 27th August 5:00pm
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About this event

Explore pockets of history from a range of different eras brought to life by Kentwell’s skilled living historians, spread throughout the buildings, gardens, farm and woodlands. Spend a whole day immersed in history at Kentwell and travel through time.

For nearly 40 years, Kentwell concentrated on presenting one period at a time, so it was not a huge leap to have a whole range of historic eras here at once. Travel from the bronze age to the 1970s, with each time period in its own individual setting, all properly equipped and costumed, and with activities appropriate to each individual period.

An excellent and stimulating combination of history and nostalgia, over 2000 years of history in one place, on one day - only at Kentwell!

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